Image of woman super imposed on image of map on a photo album that's a 60th Birthday Album.

Growing up my family didn’t take many photos and so I didn’t either throughout my life and adventures. For my 60th birthday, Julia and I talked about the idea of having something, just for me, that told the story of my whole life to this point. That idea turned out to be much more complicated than I expected. How does one choose to tell their story? I never imagined what a deeply emotional and healing process putting this album together would be for me. There was a lot to let go of and a lot to make peace with. Julia accompanied me on that journey and was wonderfully patient the whole time. In the end, I am filled with gratitude as I hold these memories together in my hands and remember the stories they tell. Let Julia do this for you.


Pam, Guanajuato,Mexico

Julia is a natural storyteller through pictures! She took all of my pictures for my business The Flower Bus and created this beautiful picture book of “Adventures with Violet, My Mobile Flower Cart.”

She captured exactly the story I wanted to express to my customers! I can’t wait until Julia does my next Violet Adventures Picture Book, “Violet’s Weddings”!

Denise von Nagy, The Flower Bus

She took several unorganized boxes of photos and was able to put them into a neatly organized container. This allowed us to easily refer to the original assortment of photos as needed, as we went through her draft book, deciding if any photos needed to be switched out. This made the process so efficient!

Her ability to listen to what we wanted, help us determine a realistic end-goal, and translate that into a beautiful photo book was amazing! I would highly recommend Julia to anyone seeking a professionally designed photo book. 

Kim, busy mom of 2 girls

Photo album cover with giant 5 0 with background of black and white wedding photos. Diamond ring box sitting on top of album.

Julia was a delight to work with!  She created a professional photo album capturing 50 years of Memories as an Anniversary gift to my parents.  Julia was amazing with her exceptional organizational skills, efficient step by step process, and creative eye for design to capture a priceless gift that will be enjoyed generation after generation.  

My parents were emotionally touched and forever grateful for such a special gift.  They continue to enjoy looking through it often to reflect on those precious memories.

I am so excited for you starting this business!  I know you will make it successful.  You have so much talent to offer!  

Thank you so much for making this all come together for my parents!!!!  😁😍💗💝

Dana, a big fan of yours