Photo album cover with giant 5 0 with background of black and white wedding photos. Diamond ring box sitting on top of album.

The Family Stories That Bind Us

Photo Apr 18, 6 41 43 PM

What’s the glue that holds families together? Research points to one simple idea: a strong family narrative. Family’s stick together better if they know the stories of their family.  Their current family and their family from previous generations.  One incredibly effective way to do this is through photos.

Do you know how your parents met? Do you know the story of your birth? What was it like when Grandma got married?

To revisit those stories, reinforce and pass on those memories, bring them to life in a photo album for all to SEE.

One common theme among families that are close- they retell stories of special moments they’ve created.  That is the “why” of all those photos in your phone, right? In the hope that you don’t forget all those moments.  And what better way to remember and share with the family than collecting them into a keepsake photo album?