What photos are you passing on to your kids?

Julia Nix-16Look. I get it. Our generation is taking more photos than any other generation before. So many photos. Thousands and thousands of photos. And we keep taking more making the so-called problem even bigger and bigger.  I am with you on this, I have thousands of photos that I store and manage. My goal is to get your photos to live as they were intended – wonderful memories you can hold on to.

We’re taking photos. And that is a step ahead of the generation before us. We have the tools to photograph the stories of our lives and we are doing that. So let’s give ourselves a break. We have enough to overwhelm and guilt us. Our photos shouldn’t add to that.  They should make us feel joy.

Keep taking photos and enjoy the process.  Remember why you are taking them in the first place. Cut yourself some slack and get rid of the guilt. Have fun capturing those moments.

Deep breath. Now take that first step. Let’s meet to find out what those could look like when I put them all together in print.

Your kids will thank you someday. Maybe even sooner than you thought.

Take Back Your Shoe Boxes


Have you ever taken a shoebox full of receipts to the tax man??

Wouldn’t it be more fun to take a box full of old photos and see them turn into a keepsake rather than an audit?!

I have heard it before, you have a stockpile of photos and you have to go through them all before you can think about what to do with them, it will be a huge chore. Well, maybe not. Maybe you could hand them over to someone (me), and I could turn them into something beautiful, as well as checking that BIG task off your to-do list (no audit included).

Let’s make a beautiful album of what you did, who you saw, and the places you were. Because it isn’t just a book of photos, it is your story. 

For you, your coffee table, your friends, your kids and eventually their kids too!

Let’s take back those shoe boxes and actually put some shoes in them, not photos.