Getting it done.


My to-do list is always long, but turning your photos into an everlasting keepsake is my passion. I believe it is worth it for something that will last forever. That’s what keeps me going. We all have a ton of to-dos, some on paper some not, but don’t let time fly by without saving a few of those precious memories. You know one day you’ll look back and wish you had captured a few more of them. If rounding up your photos, finding album software and designing your own book sounds overwhelming, don’t put it off, pass it on.  And check it off YOUR list.

Photo album cover with giant 5 0 with background of black and white wedding photos. Diamond ring box sitting on top of album.

The Family Stories That Bind Us

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What’s the glue that holds families together? Research points to one simple idea: a strong family narrative. Family’s stick together better if they know the stories of their family.  Their current family and their family from previous generations.  One incredibly effective way to do this is through photos.

Do you know how your parents met? Do you know the story of your birth? What was it like when Grandma got married?

To revisit those stories, reinforce and pass on those memories, bring them to life in a photo album for all to SEE.

One common theme among families that are close- they retell stories of special moments they’ve created.  That is the “why” of all those photos in your phone, right? In the hope that you don’t forget all those moments.  And what better way to remember and share with the family than collecting them into a keepsake photo album?

Little Moments Big Memories

Julia Nix-8

I love getting a thumb drive full of photos! Your kids growing up fast, your childhood pics that your parents passed on – pictures then and now, even combining two generations. Here I added my husband’s baby picture in his cute bouncy chair, then history repeated itself when we were visiting and my daughter found herself in the same chair.  And at about two years old, they both thought it was hysterical to put bowls on their heads! Then and now, these little moments make BIG memories.

Find those photos and hand them over. I can’t wait to turn them into a keepsake that you will enjoy on your coffee table now, pass down to your kids in the future, and reminisce about for decades to come.


Europe 2016-31

Taking tons of pics on your epic summer vacation? You get back home, unpack, and before you know it, you are on to the next thing.

But how do you keep those memories alive of your big vacation that took so much planning, effort and saving to make happen?  Years from  now you’ll say, “when was that we went to . . . .?”

One way to keep those memories fresh is to put them into an album. Revisit those beautiful moments whenever you want.

And keep those memories alive.

Lake Como by Elizabeth Nahl Photography

Take Back Your Shoe Boxes


Have you ever taken a shoebox full of receipts to the tax man??

Wouldn’t it be more fun to take a box full of old photos and see them turn into a keepsake rather than an audit?!

I have heard it before, you have a stockpile of photos and you have to go through them all before you can think about what to do with them, it will be a huge chore. Well, maybe not. Maybe you could hand them over to someone (me), and I could turn them into something beautiful, as well as checking that BIG task off your to-do list (no audit included).

Let’s make a beautiful album of what you did, who you saw, and the places you were. Because it isn’t just a book of photos, it is your story. 

For you, your coffee table, your friends, your kids and eventually their kids too!

Let’s take back those shoe boxes and actually put some shoes in them, not photos.