Take Back Your Shoe Boxes


Have you ever taken a shoebox full of receipts to the tax man??

Wouldn’t it be more fun to take a box full of old photos and see them turn into a keepsake rather than an audit?!

I have heard it before, you have a stockpile of photos and you have to go through them all before you can think about what to do with them, it will be a huge chore. Well, maybe not. Maybe you could hand them over to someone (me), and I could turn them into something beautiful, as well as checking that BIG task off your to-do list (no audit included).

Let’s make a beautiful album of what you did, who you saw, and the places you were. Because it isn’t just a book of photos, it is your story. 

For you, your coffee table, your friends, your kids and eventually their kids too!

Let’s take back those shoe boxes and actually put some shoes in them, not photos.

Pictures Tell A Story

Julia Nix-14

I love telling a story with pictures. The memories behind each one. The black & whites, the Polaroids. The 3rd grade haircut you want no one to see. . .. but that is your history.  It wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t change and grow, and leave our big hair days behind. And talk about growing, what about your kids? What about those precious first four or five years that they will have no memory of. Unless you show them. All the Christmas mornings and birthday parties, you have the pictures, now what?

A photo album may seem like a throw back to times gone by, but what better way to tell a story than a book. For generations to come, as well as those sitting around your coffee table right now, any time seems like a good time to reminisce.  

Speak volumes.  

Your Family History

My albums aren’t actually mine,  they are my daughters. Years, and I mean decades from now, possibly when she has children, she will begin to wonder, what did my first birthday look like? Where did we go on trips when she was little? What kind of things did Mom & Dad do with me? They will  be there waiting, year by year, a treasure waiting to be uncovered.

My question to you is how are you going to pass all those pictures in your phone along to your children one day? Are you going to give them your password to the Cloud? Accumulate them on a hard drive to hand over one day, a gazillion random pics with no context, an endless stream of faces?

What about a book? Too overwhelming given the number of photos you take? Not sure which website to use? Not enough time to learn the album software? Not sure of what the quality will be?  Maybe you heard letting the software auto-build the book will get the job done. But it can’t know your family stories and without context those are lost memories. 

I will sit down with you, get ideas on what kind of keepsake you want to make and then arrange your pictures to tell the story.  Tell me your names, your travels, your adventures and I will make them into your history. Your family history.  For the next generation to see.