Is low resolution holding you back?


Low resolution photos holding you back from creating the album your family will treasure?

Frequently I hear the comment, ”I can’t use the photos I have in an album because they aren’t high resolution”.  Maybe you took them with your phone or maybe they were from the pre-digital age & were scanned.  I’m currently working on an album with photos from the 1950’s and as you may suspect, they are low resolution.

So let me say it now, don’t leave these memories behind just because they might be low resolution! The oldest photos can be the most precious and worth saving.  When you find a shoebox full of your grandparent’s photos in the attic, you don’t think how faded they are.  You are transported to a time when they were young and all the stories you have heard come to life with a window back to that time.

See my album page? One photo is low res and one is blurry, but it is the memory and the connection to dad that I won’t let be forgotten.  It is why I am in the business of preserving these little moments . .. and making big memories.

Another reason print matters.

Don’t forget.


All those sweet, cute, adorable, amazing, funny, endearing moments your children create.  Let’s face it, you will forget them. You will. There will be too many to remember them all.  Capture them in print and those will be the moments that endure forever.  

Because print matters. 


Yes, your time is precious.  Meeting my clients. . .on their schedule, in their neighborhood.   Because if YOU had the time you would already have a beautiful memorable keepsake album to pass on to your kids.

Taking that big time-consuming project off your To-Do List, or Wish List, is my job.

Because print matters. . .IMG_3296.JPG

What’s in a Look-Book?

I’m so lucky I get to work with such cool clients!  My latest album is a look-book for a small business – a really cool business! I can’t wait to show you! This album tells the story of what the business stands for and how it came to be.  Most importantly, this album gives beautiful visual examples of the wonderful offerings they can do for you!

Imagine if you had a beautiful, tangible, memorable way to display the best of your business, handy at all times, that goes wherever your meetings take you.

Put YOUR work in THEIR hands.  Let’s make an album.

Another reason print matters . . .