My name is Julia and my passion is to turn your photographs into your family’s living history.  I love making that story come to life and become a tangible keepsake to pass onto future generations by creating beautiful, meaningful photo albums.   

For the last two decades, I have been creating photo albums and memory books of all kinds, from baby books to remember those first precious days, to 50th wedding anniversary albums to document a generation. I create albums using all kinds of photos from the handed-down black & whites, shoeboxes of Polaroids, to your digital pictures trapped in your phone.  It all started by word of mouth and I happily found there is a need to make purpose out of all those pics we are taking of everyday moments, to have a story told and to document memories for generations to come. 

As your personal publishing consultant, I can save you time and frustration.  Using my proprietary process I will give your memories the context needed to tell your story rather than flipping through what can seem like random pages of pictures.  I take your photos, convert them to digital if needed, and meet with you to find your vision of your album. Then rest easy while I format, crop, add the backgrounds, layouts, stickers, embellishments, frames and verbiage that bring your memories to life. Once the book is finished, we will sit down together to view and proof the book online one last time before publishing. Before you know it, you’ll have your own personal unique treasure that everyone in the family will want to see and enjoy for generations to come. 


Member of Pepperlane