Your Family History

My albums aren’t actually mine,  they are my daughters. Years, and I mean decades from now, possibly when she has children, she will begin to wonder, what did my first birthday look like? Where did we go on trips when she was little? What kind of things did Mom & Dad do with me? They will  be there waiting, year by year, a treasure waiting to be uncovered.

My question to you is how are you going to pass all those pictures in your phone along to your children one day? Are you going to give them your password to the Cloud? Accumulate them on a hard drive to hand over one day, a gazillion random pics with no context, an endless stream of faces?

What about a book? Too overwhelming given the number of photos you take? Not sure which website to use? Not enough time to learn the album software? Not sure of what the quality will be?  Maybe you heard letting the software auto-build the book will get the job done. But it can’t know your family stories and without context those are lost memories. 

I will sit down with you, get ideas on what kind of keepsake you want to make and then arrange your pictures to tell the story.  Tell me your names, your travels, your adventures and I will make them into your history. Your family history.  For the next generation to see.

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