Welcome to Nixpix Albums. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a custom photo album using your photos of life’s special moments to share with family and friends that you could pass on to future generations?

From your wedding, your newborn, your travels and all those everyday moments in between, from professional to candids on your phone, I take those memories and tell a story. Your Story.

Image of woman super imposed on image of map on a photo album that's a 60th Birthday Album.

Growing up my family didn’t take many photos and so I didn’t either throughout my life and adventures. For my 60th birthday, Julia and I talked about the idea of having something, just for me, that told the story of my whole life to this point. That idea turned out to be much more complicated than I expected. How does one choose to tell their story? I never imagined what a deeply emotional and healing process putting this album together would be for me. There was a lot to let go of and a lot to make peace with. Julia accompanied me on that journey and was wonderfully patient the whole time. In the end, I am filled with gratitude as I hold these memories together in my hands and remember the stories they tell. Let Julia do this for you.


Pam, Guanajuato,Mexico

Julia is a natural storyteller through pictures! She took all of my pictures for my business The Flower Bus and created this beautiful picture book of “Adventures with Violet, My Mobile Flower Cart.”

She captured exactly the story I wanted to express to my customers! I can’t wait until Julia does my next Violet Adventures Picture Book, “Violet’s Weddings”!

Denise von Nagy, The Flower Bus